Concrete Core Drilling Equipments

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Impact Echo Systems such as Impact Echo Systems - Wireless Kit and Concrete Road & Floor Profiler.

Drill 20

Wile using Impact Echo Instruments at difficult to reach places like metro tunnels, underground construction site like bulk storage tanks, basements, under passes or pile tops etc., wireless /GPS upgradation kits will always useful as the data obtained will be immediately transferred to the PC / Laptop system through the receiver. We also provide two way talking wireless phoned by which the person below could communicate to the person at the PC at the base station easily which will ensure communicating all those details of the testing done to the person at the base station at the PC / laptop. The kit could be ordered additionally along with the Impact Echo System A, B or C variants.


It’s been more than 30 years since the invention of the Dipstick by a team of engineers who has introduced the floor & road profilers during the year 1982 at the "World of Concrete". Ever since, the Dipstick has been the gold standard for the measurement of concrete floor and pavement profiles. Dipstick measures Face Floor Profile Numbers (“F-Numbers”… FF, FL and Fmin); TR-34 Free Movement (FM); TR-34 Defined Movement (DM); Gap under Sliding Unleveled Straightedge; Gap under Rolling Straightedge; DIN 18202; Joint Profiles; Joint Movement under Load; Thickness of Toppings, Fills and Coatings; Construction Forms; International Roughness Index (IRI); ASTM E1926-08; AASHTO R 41; Rut Depth; Slab Upheaval, etc., and instantly produces reports, graphs, line surveys and 3D surface studies. Testing labs, building owners, developers, contractors, universities, research institutions and government agencies on six continents choose the Dipstick because it produces the most accurate and repeatable flatness/levelness data – period. Dipstick readings are guaranteed to be accurate to 0.0125 mm – less than 0.0005″ (that’s 5/10,000ths of an inch!). Based on the thorough testing of every unit we manufacture, Dipsticks are typically accurate to 0.005 mm (0.0002″). No other instrument comes close. Why? Constant design and electronic improvements in an ongoing effort to improve what is already unparalleled performance. Although it looks the same, the Dipstick of today doesn’t include a single component that was part of the Dipstick of 20 years ago.

Our product (the Dipstick) measures flatness/levelness rather than roughness. Our instrument is designed to measure hundreds of square meters in a single measuring session to determine if the area is flat and level… to see if it will support wheeled traffic, for instance. Our Dipstick is accurate to less than 0.2 mm in the 250mm to one foot spacing of our instrument.