Process Viscometers

MARIMEX INDUSTRIES is in the field of on-line viscosity measurement, from 1984, and manufacture viscometers for measuring viscosity of fluids ranging from 0.1 milli-Pascal.Seconds (mPa.s)* g/cm3 to 2,500,000 mPa.s.* g/cm3. Marimex viscometers are rugged, reliable, maintenance-free and work by torsional oscillation/vibration principle, due to which, they have high reproducibility and repeatability. Special viscometers are also available for high temperature and high pressure applications. Our product does not cause change in molecular structure of the product measured, and thereby can be used in food and Pharmaceutical applications reliably.

MARIMEX VISCOANALYZERS have wide application in the fields of Polymers (melt flow), Black liquor (Pulp and paper), Ceramics, Resins, Food, Diary - Milk Products, Hot melt Glue, Gelatin, Hydraulic oil, Paper coating, Pectin, PBT, PET, Phosphorus Penta-sulfide, Porcelain, Paints, Textile fibers and dyes, Glass and Sugar.

The instrument includes a sensor that measures viscosity precisely, and has no moving parts. The sensor is driven by a transmitter that also displays the viscosity. A maximum of three analog outputs are available in the transmitter, and it also provides two temperature inputs and a standard 4-20 mA input. Serial output and relays are available optionally. The instrument can be used in weather-proof and hazardous areas.

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